Intended usage

Do you intend to use your sex toy by yourself or with your partner? Choosing a sex toy and using it together with your partner will foster better intimacy, understanding and openness. Some sex toys are used only for solo play, while some such as love swings can only be used with a partner.

Stimulation preference

Phallic sex toys can be designed for penetration or clitoral stimulation. Some can do both. Women are aroused differently and knowing which erogenous zones stimulate you more can help in choosing the right sex toys. For penetrative stimulation, the shaft type vibrators or dildos are a good choice. For clitoral stimulation, we recommend the most popular rabbit vibrator range. The rabbit range serves a dual purpose, penetration and clitoral stimulation. The base of the shaft has a bunny ear shaped soft like material designed to gently massage the clitoris while the shaft is inserted in the vagina. Rabbit vibrators are the most popular sex toys the world over and we highly recommend that you shop around for one.


Some sex toys like vibrators can be a bit noisy. You don’t want to rouse your neighbors and housemates, do you? For this, you can consider variable speed vibrators or vibrators that emit a low level of noise.

Material or texture

Sex toys generally come in porous or non-porous material. Porous materials such as cyberskin are extremely lifelike. They feel very realistic and are often molded after the real thing. Non-porous materials such as plastic, soft PVC, silicone and glass are smooth and come in varying textures. Either way, they should be used with lots of lubrication. Porous materials will require a bit more cleaning as bacteria can grow between the pores. Water and soap will be enough for non-porous materials.


Everybody has a personal preference when it comes to color, shape, size, studded or smooth and elongated. It’s a matter of preference. Choose from a variety of characteristics including those that glow in the dark.

Wet and dry use

Are you planning to use your toy in the bath? Many people have discovered how much fun they can have in the bath. Waterproof toys such as the rubber duck or waterproof dildos make good companions.


Do you want to take your vibrator on the road with you or are you planning on keeping it at home? There are small battery powered vibrators such as the Pocket Rocket which can fit into the palm of your hand.

Cleaning and caring for your Sex Toys

Since sex toys are used on the most sensitive parts of your body, it makes sense to keep it well cleaned and cared for. With a few simple steps, you can prolong the life of your toy.


Water- and silicone-based lubricants are safe to use with sex toys. Avoid using oil- or petroleum-based lubricants as they break down latex material. Vaseline or olive oil are for external use only and are great for massaging. Never use oil-based lubricants for any penetration as they can cause infections if not properly cleaned.


Non-porous materials are smooth and warm water and soap usually does the trick. If needed, silicone sex toys can be sterilized by boiling it for 3 to 5 minutes. Porous materials such as cyberskin and rubber require a bit more care as bacteria can hide within the pores. Avoid using soap on cyberskin to maintain the texture. Instead, rinse with lots of warm water or sterilize with alcohol. It is best air-dried and sprinkled with cornstarch or talcum to maintain the smooth surface. To keep all your toys clean and ready to use, you can also pickup a care & cleaning kit.


Condoms can be placed over sex toys so it can be safely shared with multiple partners. They also make cleaning that much easier. Rubber dildos are porous materials which must be sterilized if shared with multiple partners. Otherwise, use a condom over rubber dildos.


Try to store sex toys within reach of the bed. Nothing is more frustrating than interrupting foreplay and having to walk across the room to dig out the toy from a secret hidden spot. With that being said, sex toys should be stored in protective casing or wrapped in a piece of cloth, away from prying eyes. There are several novelty items available such as the Hide Your Vibe pillow to discreetly store your sex toys.

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