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Cleaning and caring for the sex of your sex toy is critical for your health and safety, as well as the toy’s longevity. Once you’ve chosen your perfect sex toy, ensure it lasts a long time and is in excellent condition. Whether you choose a rabbit vibrator, a basic bullet, dildo, cock ring, or something more complex like a sex machine, knowing how to clean and care for them is critical. Our Sex Toy Cleaning and Care Guide provides instructions for cleaning and caring for your sex toys.

Before Using

Take a moment to scrutinize the toy before diving in visually. Check for any fissures that could harm sensitive tissue or harbor bacteria. Turn it on and double-check that the batteries are in good shape or that the charge is current – there’s nothing worse than having your favorite vibrator fail halfway through a hot session.

Check for stains, hairs, fluff, pet fur, or anything else that shouldn’t be there. Sniff it; if something doesn’t smell right, you’ll know, and I’d recommend changing it immediately if there are any severe difficulties.

Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean

To maintain optimal hygiene, clean your sex toys before and after each usage.

Only hot water, a decent-grade sex toy cleaner, and a clean, dry towel or kitchen roll are required for the cleaning process. Alternatively, you can use water and moderate antibacterial soap, rinsing until the soap is gone.

To clean your toys, give them a rinse or soak, then spritz them with Naughty Possessions’ Toy Joy Organic Toy Cleaner (£5.00). Allow a minute or two, and gently wipe away any stubborn places with intimate or baby wipes.

To dry, you may let it air dry on a clean kitchen roll or use a clean towel to speed up the process. Air drying your toys is the easiest way to keep them clean and prevent lint or residue from sticking to them. Get fantastic deals on sex toys!

Cleaning and Caring for Sex Toys: Anything non-porous, such as silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass, is simple to clean and usually only requires a rinse and a toy cleaner wipe. However, there are a few more things to consider.

Electric toys like the Magic Wand should be wiped down with care to avoid getting the cable wet. Non-waterproof toys should not be submerged in water while being washed, and batteries should be removed before cleaning.

By carefully washing and drying your toys. You’ll keep them looking, feeling, and smelling new by preventing dust and germ buildup.

Before and after each usage, clean your toys.

For added sanitation and peace of mind, use a sex toy cleaner.

Before cleaning, remove any batteries and close the battery compartments.

Allow your sex toys to air dry completely (on kitchen paper is best), or dry them with a clean towel.


You have not hung your sex toys to dry on a radiator or near a heat source.

Not all of your freshly cleaned toys should be kept together –

Taking Care of Odor

Even when used anally, body-safe materials can occasionally retain scents. The price will be higher if the toy is composed of silicon, glass, or stainless steel. Boil them with a little vinegar, and they should be fine.

If the toy has a vibrator you can’t get rid of, a little 100 percent acetone wiped with a soft cloth, such as makeup remover pads, will suffice. Before using, make sure to wash it off with soap and water.

What Should I Do With My Sexual Toys?

It’s not as simple as tossing a sex toy into your drawer. To minimize discoloration and even melting:

  1. Keep sex toys separate and store them in cool, dark settings.
  2. Don’t worry; your sex toys are quite safe to use; nevertheless, proper storage will extend their lifespan.
  3. Receive discounts and free shipping.

Toys made of rubber, PVC, TPE, and silicone should not be stored together. Because the components frequently react chemically and melt or fuse.

You can prevent damage to your sex toys by separating them with a sock or another similar cloth. It would help if you stopped playing with a toy that others have shared.

Always remove the batteries from your toy before storing it for more than a few days.

I’m not sure what kind of lubricant I should use.

Cleaning and Caring for Sex Toys: Knowing what kind of lubrication you intend to use with your sex toys is critical. Rubber toys should not be lubricated with silicone or oil-based lubricants because they can damage the surface and ruin the toy. Silicone lubricant works well with various gadgets and is safe to use anally or vaginally. However, you must be cautious about the materials you use with it.

ABS plastic, metal, glass, porcelain, and latex are safe to use with silicone lubes (including condoms). It should not be used with silicone toys, jelly rubber, PVC, TPE/TPR, or Fleshlight’Real Feel Superskin.

Silicone, ABS plastic, jelly rubber, TPE/TPR, Fleshlight’s ‘Real Feel Super skin,’ Tenga masturbators, PVC, latex (including condoms), metal, glass, and porcelain are all safe to use with water-based lubes.

NEVER use an oil-based lubricant or massage oil with sex toys or for penetrative sex since it might irritate the skin – especially if you’re using condoms, which can break or split.

How do I keep my sex toy in good condition?

Cleaning, appropriate storage, adequate lubrication, and new batteries are usually all you need to maintain your toys in good shape. Some toys, such as Fleshlight masturbators, come with a ‘care powder’ that helps keep the material supple and lifelike. However, simple corn starch can be used on these TPE/TPR items to keep them feeling like skin.

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