I was a slow starter myself getting into sex toys, and didn’t experiment with sex toys until I was 25, and I know it can be a little scary at first, and even more so introducing them into your relationship.

Bringing sex toys into your relationship is a great idea and can be of great benefit to both parties, and many couples who use sex toys during foreplay and sex will tell you that it’s a great way to keep their sex life new and interesting. .

How to Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

More often than not there is a problem introducing sex toys into your relationship, however it is best not to cover the subject while actually having sex, as this might dampen things a little, and can raise questions like … “Am I not enough. good?” or .. “Did I do something wrong?”. Pick a time and look through the sex toy catalog or website (we’ll be a great start. Hehe) with your partner and pick something you’re both comfortable with, maybe starting with something small, a cock ring or a small vibrator. Choosing something that is too big and scary, or something that you are not ready for can easily put you off using sex toys again.

Sex Toys for Couples

When you have selected what sex toy is right for you and your partner and shipped it, make sure you have some alone time with your partner to play with him, removing any distractions. Take the dog out to the toilet beforehand, unplug your cell phone and turn off the TV. Take your partner to the bedroom and experiment with your newly purchased sex toy.

Experimenting with sex toys for the first time is great fun, but being gentle and gentle with each other, using gentle touch with whatever sex toy you use will really increase the sex toy sensation and will help create a more relaxing and enjoyable encounter. If you feel at any time that it is uncomfortable, make your partner realize this and stop, there is nothing wrong with admitting that the toe you chose is not the right finger for you. If you decide that the toy you have chosen isn’t for you, don’t be disappointed there are a plethora of sex toys out there, of all shapes and sizes and there is something for everyone.

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